Time Frame

Discuss the time frame of your engagement. Weeks? Months? A Year? Multiple years?

Some couples already know the month they want to get married, the season they want to get married, or even the date they want to get married before they are engaged.  Other couples figure that out once they get engaged.  For some couples, the date of the wedding is decided without regards to the availability of wedding sites, officiants, or reception sites.  There are a variety of reasons why the date of the wedding is very special to some couples: it could be the anniversary of when they started dating or first met; it might be their “lucky number”; it might be someone’s birthday; it might be a holiday, it might be 11/11/11, etc.

For couples that are set on a specific date before they set out to book the wedding site, officiant, and reception site, they may need to be flexible if their number one choices are not available on their date. More often than not, couples will try to coordinate the wedding site, officiant, and reception site based on the availability of each around the specific time frame they wish to get married. A lot of couples will have a date in mind at first and then make sure the sites, officiant, (and Wedding Coordinator) are available and booked before announcing the date to family and friends. It is important to discuss which day of the week you and your fiancee would like to get married on and also, what time of the day.

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