Wedding Coordinator

Will you hire a Wedding Coordinator?

Do you want a Wedding Coordinator helping you out from Day 1 of your engagement? Or do you want someone to help out at the rehearsal and ceremony only? Maybe you would like to pass altogether. That’s totally fine. If you want a Wedding Coordinator for the rehearsal and wedding and you have a specific person in mind, their availability has an effect on the date you pick.  If you want to wait until closer to the wedding to pick one and you don’t as much care who it is, then you don’t need to worry about this step just yet and go ahead with the next step below.

At the very least, you need a wedding coordinator the day of OR ask a friend that knows a lot about the order of wedding ceremonies to direct people when to walk down the aisle at the rehearsal and ceremony. I didn’t think I needed any help and that we could just figure it out ourselves, but then a friend stepped in to help because no one was MOVING and walking down the aisle because no one was telling them when to and they needed a little motivation and guidance.

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